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1 - You agree that you will fully read and understand the CAN-SPAM act before sending emails through our service (link here).

2 - You will follow all applicable laws including but not limited to the CAN-SPAM act when sending emails through our service.

3 - With our membership you will receive:

Website membership access
Complete training with rolodex and resources section
Live updates and help webinars
License to our $3k/month emailing platform
Software Updates
1 Turnkey campaign each month
Guaranteed CPA network approval with our partner networks
5k UNIQUE leads, each month from our data sources

4 - You understand that all purchases are final. There are no refunds or money-back guarantee. We have a better-than-money-back guarantee, which is: if after 60 days of following the training and taking action you are not making at least enough money to cover your monthly membership fees ($297), we will help you in one or all of the following ways: give you more data, review your account to see what mistakes you may be making, consult with you personally through email to give you advice on what you could do to improve your earnings.

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6 - We reserve the right to terminate your membership and block access to any and all of our services for non-payment of your membership fees, sharing your account, breaching this agreement, or any other reason allowed by law.

7 - We reserve the right to refuse any customer for any reason allowed by law.